The Multidimensional Roman-franz Ferdinandic Federative Republic


The Multidimensional Roman-franz Ferdinandic Federative Republic, or just the MRFFFR if you don’t have time to write that long-ass name, is nothing more nothing less than a group of Lucretias. Various Lucretias form the Lucretia republic, that has an entirely different name for various reasons, and one of them is that there are no reasons; certain things just are like they are without explanation, and if you explain them it isn’t as fun anymore.

This thing above, in the pic, is what represents the MRFFFR. Some would call it a sigil, and yes maybe they are right. It was made to be used as much as anyone wants, for whatever purposes and also to scare the shit out of people, making them notice the symbol everywhere. Remember, Lucretia is a pseudo-conspiracy and a Lucretia is a pseudo-conspirator, thus a sigil is one of the perfect tools to make all this madness sail!


(Lu)Lucretia Dalencourt

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